Seacrest Kennels and Cattery

Caring for your pets

since 1999

Hotel para Perros y Gatos – family run for over 18 years

Seacrest was originally built in the 1980s by a Spanish dog breeder who specialised in Neopolitan Mastiffs and it is rumoured he also kept two lions on the premises. This explains why the largest kennels measure around 25 metres squared and are big enough to house 3 dogs together from the same family. Seacrest was purpose built in a charming Andaluz style with red tiled roofs and white washed walls, where even the smallest casitas have their own double sized play areas.

There is also a very large yard in the back where the dogs are exercised and the grounds are complimented by mature shade trees and well presented gardens.
Our family purchased Seacrest in 1999 when Laura’s parents, Vera and Derek, moved to Spain in pursuit of a long held dream to own a boarding kennels and cattery during their retirement years. When they lived in South Yorkshire Vera and Derek bred Standard Poodles as a serious hobby for two decades and presented their dogs at shows across Britain including regular appearances at Crufts. They brought a wealth of experience to Seacrest and with hard work built an excellent reputation as a pet hotel in Nerja. Laura and Kurt took over the business in 2005 and operate a full service kennels and cattery that provides everything from Doggy Day Care to short holidays for your pets as well as long term boarding and transportation services.
Laura was a registered nurse for over 20 years in both Britain and Los Angeles where she met Kurt who worked as a business manager. With extensive medical, professional backgrounds and a local vet on call the couple are able to meet all of your pet’s needs including daily medication, special diets and other issues as they may arise. They live on site so the animals are cared for with a personal touch, day and night, every day of the year including holidays. Laura and Kurt did not simple obtain a business permit from the town hall to run Seacrest but took the extra measure of maintaining the Zoological license issued to the original owner by the Junta de Andalucia, which means the premises is inspected by the Official Vet Office to assure a high standard of quality is maintained. In addition, the facilities have recently been modernised to include a state of the art solar water heater, water filtration system, an eco-friendly septic tank as well as easily cleaned steel surfaces and feeding bowls in the kitchen area.

Laura and Kurt have thoroughly immersed themselves into life at Seacrest and love living in the Nerja area. Seacrest Kennels and Cattery is situated just 2 kilometres outside of Nerja and is open from 9:30 to 13:30 including Sundays and most holidays. For more information call 711 028 847 or email